How to use pre-installed website elements

New Georgia State University websites come with many pre-installed elements that make website building a breeze. This article illustrates how to find and use these elements on your pages and posts. If you manage a legacy website that does not have these elements installed, contact our team for assistance.

Step 1. Login and Edit a Page

Pre-installed elements can be found when you edit a post or page. Login to the dashboard of your website (e.g. Then, navigate to a page or post that you want to add a pre-installed element to.

Step 2. Click 'Backend Editor'

Step 3. Click the Add Element icon

Step 4. Click 'My Elements'

Step 5. Select the Element You Want

You made it! This is where all of Georgia State University's pre-installed elements live. Select the one you want to use and add it to your page. Do not edit any of the settings or styles for any of these elements. They are all set up to reflect Georgia States Best Practices.

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