How do I add a page template to my website?

The Office of Digital Strategy has put together a website featuring GSU-themed elements such as Sliders & Carousels, Grids, Buttons & Links, Layouts, and Expandables. These elements are pre-made to match the new Flex2 theme, and free to use.

Go to Communications Toolkit - Page Templates and select the link with the feature that you would like to use on your site through the dropdown menu. To add the template you desire or copy the options for creating them on your own site (like with the link or button elements).


When you see a template you like, click on the button "get the code" and a popup window with the shortcodes will appear. 

Copy this and go to the backend of the page you're creating, paste that code using Classic text mode

Finally, return to back-end editor mode to add your content.

If you need any assistance in pulling in a template or element to use on your own site, contact us via our ticketing system at Click on Contact Support to send us a request.

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