Setting Up Subscribe Forms

The News Site has a simple subscribe form which requires only an email to subscribe to news and/or press releases. When the user clicks the subscribe button, the email field and submit button are revealed.

  • The default subscribe form appears on the News Archive Pages and subscribes a user to all GSU News.
  • The default or boxed style of the subscribe form can be inserted into a a Page or Post as needed and tied to a specific subscribe form. Forms are created in Gravity Forms and are currently tied to the following mailchimp account. If desired in the future, these forms can be tied to other backend systems using gravity forms add-ons or API integration. A separate form for each style of subscribe form is required.

Forms have been setup on the flexnews site. However, the notification settings need to be configured.


Subscribe Banner Templates

Templates have been created for the large and small subscribe banners for News and Press Releases.

  • News Subscribe Banner (small)
  • News Subscribe Banner (large)
  • Press Release Subscribe Banner (Small)
  • Press Release Subscribe Banner (large)

To use one of the templates when adding a post:

  1. Add a new post.
  2. Set the Page Layout, right sidebar or full width.
  3. Set the Title to Show if desired.
  4. Use the  orbuttons in Visual Composer to select your template.


Subscribe forms can also be added individually using a Visual Composer Element or as a shortcode. Note: the boxed button style is white and is intended to be placed on a colored background per the approved designs.

Visual Composer Element

This element allows the user to insert a Subscribe Form. The form can be set to float right, left or none to center it. There are two style options:

1) Default Style - with icon button per designs.

2) Button Style - with boxed button to be placed on color background per designs.


[subscribe id="3" button="true" float="right"]


id = form id

button = true

displays the boxed button instead of the default icon button

float = right or left

for no float, do not include the parameter

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