Post Templates

Enabling support for Visual Composer in posts provides tremendous flexibility in creation and formatting of articles. However, the design of the two theme layouts for the header were intentional to provide a consistent experience for users visiting the site.

We have provide two Visual Composer templates to facilitate creation of articles using the designed layouts:

1) Post Template with Media Contact in Feature

Sample Post:

2) Post Template with Full Feature Image and Media Contact within Article

Sample Post:


To use one of the templates when adding a post:

  1. Add a new post.
  2. Set the Page Layout, right sidebar or full width.
  3. Set the Title to Show if desired.
  4. Use the  orbuttons in Visual Composer to select your template.

To create a simple post with Title, Date, Featured Image:

  • Add a new post
  • Set the Post Title to Show
  • Set the Post Layout to Right Sidebar

The Media Contacts and Georgia State Visual Composer Entry Header, Title and Date elements may be used to place the Title and Date Separately or the Title, Date and Featured image together in the article. See details about using theMedia Contact VC Element or Shortcode

The different levels of theme header styles may be used to create sub-headings. The Pull Quote Visual Composer component may be used to place a pull quote in an article or you may place a pull quote within a text block using the Pull Quote option under the Format menu in the text-block editor.



More complex article layouts can be created using different combinations of Visual Composer Elements and Revolution Slider. To achieve a full width, edge to edge Marquee, place a revolution slider in the masthead meta box on the post.

There is a sample complex article template and sample page using it located here.

When building complex articles using full width options, best practices recommend not having text wider than 70 characters. For multiple columns, the ideal average is 40 to 50 chars wide. So, use columns and or break up the article with pull quotes, sidebars an images.


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