Adding Individual Post Lists to a Page

The individual Shadow Boxed Posts and Expert Lists used on the Home Page and Lading Page Template can be added individually to pages using the following steps. Note: to get the designed mobile styling, you will need to add two grids in two separate rows and set the Visibility of the column in which each grid sets to show on Small and Large Desktops and Tablet Portrait and Mobile respectively. To insert the grids inside of a column within a row, first add an inner row.

  • Add Post Grid Element using the VC Add Element Link

  • Set the corresponding Preset for the Post Grid Element

  • Set the Post Grid Template or the Element

  • Set the appropriate Shadow Box Preset for the Column the Post Grid is inside of. Note: after setting the shadow box preset, you may have to re-adjust custom column widths.

See article on using the Shadow Box Presets

To add Header with or without the More link above the grid:

Add a VC GSU Container Header element above the post grid inside the same column.

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