**Points of Distinction plugin


This plugin is used to showcase what has been said about your college/department in the media. It will display from 2 to 10 points of distinction in a carousel placed by shortcode.  

How it works

On activation, the plugin creates a new 'Points of Distinction' custom post type which will appear in the left sidebar of your dashboard. Add posts to this post type as you would for any other post type, but keep in mind that the carousel is only intended to accommodate text, adding images/video may have unanticipated results.  Once you place the shortcode, the plugin will pull in the newest posts from the Points of Distinction post type list and add them to the carousel.

Code Example

Shortcode should not be placed in a post or page that has a sidebar (i.e. default template).

[distinctions_carousel title="Your School's Distinctions" num=10]


title text that will be displayed just above the carousel. default is What Others Are Saying
num the number of posts to display, from 2 to 10. default is 4

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