Flow-Flow Social Streams Plugin


Social Toolbar Pro is no longer offering support for multisite Wordpress installations (like the Georgia State University wordpress network), so it is going away.  In its place, we are offering a modern tool called Flow-Flow Social Streams for Wordpress.  This plugin allows you to create Social Streams that contain multiple feeds, in other words you can display social feeds from multiple resources in one place with the same styling.  Check out Flow-Flow's live preview page for an idea of what it can do; be sure you click on one of the feed items to see the lightbox functionality.  

The setup of this plugin is a bit complicated, so we recommend that you come into Open Lab on Thursdays from 9:30am to 3:30pm at 100 Auburn Ave, 4th floor and let us help you set it up.  However, it does have great directions built into its dashboard for getting your auth settings in place, and the rest is fairly intuitive if you prefer to set it up yourself.  

This streams you create can be displayed in the content area of your pages via shortcode or we have created a Flow-Flow Widget for the Sidebar widget area and a new 'Social Footer Widget Area,' which will show up in your Widget dashboard once the plugin is activated for your site and is only intended for use with the Flow-Flow widget.  

If you are setting up a Social Footer Widget Area on your own, there are some settings you need to abide by when creating your stream in order for the plugin to display correctly in the Social Footer Widget Area.

The settings and the appropriate selection have been marked with large blue arrows

Once you have added your feeds, made the correct settings selections, and saved your stream, go to the Widget dashboard and drag the Flow-Flow Widget into the Social Footer Widget Area.  To set up the widget, simply enter the Stream id shown under the Shortcodes column on the Streams tab of the Flow-Flow dashboard, ...

... set up your Widget Ninja logic, and click save on the Flow-Flow Widget.

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