Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Share Buttons

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn share buttons have been added to every page's utility bar (if they are not showing up on a given page, clear or delete the cache for that page).  

Users can now easily share pages on these social platforms.  These buttons will attempt to pull a description, image and URL for your pages.  We can make the description and image pulled more accurate using the Wordpress SEO plugin (this plugin is already activated on every site in our network).  This plugin will place <meta> tags in the source code of your pages, so that the share buttons do not have to 'guess' what you would like users to share from your various pages.  You do not have to set a description and image for every page, because you can set a default image and description that will be used for every page in your site.  It is possible to override the default image and description for any page where you may feel it is important to do so.

1. Set up the plugin for facebook:  Go to 'SEO->Social' in the dashboard. Check 'Add Open Graph meta data.'  Add a default image, click 'Save Changes.'

2.  Set up the plugin for Twitter:  Click the Twitter tab, check 'Add Twitter card meta data,' Select a default card type, and follow the link to validate the Twitter Card (you will need a Twitter account to complete this step).  Add your Twiiter username and click 'Save Changes.'

3.  Make page specific overrides for Facebook: After you c
heck 'Add Open Graph meta data' in step one, a new tab appears in the 'Wordpress SEO by Yoast' metabox in the page/post editor.  Here you specify the description and image you would like to be associated with one particular page or post.

4. Clear facebook's share cache: Facebook caches (stores a copy of) pages that have been shared.  If a page has ever been shared a copy exists, so this cache needs to be cleared if you make changes as discussed in this article.  To do so, go here:


Enter the URL of the page and click 'Debug.'  This will clear facebook's cached version of the page and generate some data about the information facebook gathered from the page.


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