How to add Google Analytics


Google Analytics is a service that compiles detailed statistics about a website's traffic.  With the Google Analytics Dashboard plugin for Word Press enabled and activated, all you need is a Google Analytics tracking code. 

Getting a Google Analytics tracking code

Note: You will need to have or create a google analytics account, which means you will need a gmail account.

To get started, go to the Google Analytics page and click Sign-in or Create an account.  Follow the prompts to get signed in.  

After you log in, click Sign up under "Start using Google Analytics."

*This is important: When entering the Web Site URL, if you enter, Google Analytics will use as the domain, this will not return the correct data and appears to be a small bug in Google Analytics.  In order to get Google Analytics to use as the domain, you need add a sub-domain (any sub-domain will do, it does not even need to be real).  For example, entering or will be sufficient to tell Google Analytics to use as the domain.  But continue to watch your site's analytics to ensure that information is being captured.

When you click Get Tracking ID, a new screen is displayed with the Tracking ID, which you will need for the plugin.  If your domain (e.g. has sub-domains that also need to be tracked (e.g. and, you should:

1. Set "Subdomains of hr.gsu" to "On"
2. Click "Save"
3. Copy the Tracking ID.

After you have copied the Tracking ID, go to your site's WordPress Dashboard.  Go to "Settings"  and click "Google Analytics."

Paste the Tracking ID into the Site Tracking Code text box and click "Save Changes."  

Note: It can take several hours for statistics to start showing

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