Pages modified by Catalog users who are assigned to the Contributor role must be routed through workflow approval before they can be published.  The Editor role is designated as the approval role for routing purposes. Administrators can also access content pending review.

Submitting Pages for Workflow Approval 

When a Contributor User edits a page, they can choose to Submit their changes to Workflow. 

Once submitted, the page remains in a Pending Review status until an approver reviews and publishes the page. If they do not submit, the changes will remain in a pending state until they are submitted for Workflow and the page is reviewed and published by an approver.

Approving Pages 

Approvers review the items pending approval under the Workflow item on the Admin Panel Menu. 

Approvers may click on a specific page to review a comparison of the revisions or choose Edit Page under the title.

Once in the comparison view, to accept the change or further revise the page, click on the date next to the current revision to open the page in edit mode, make changes and publish.  You may also go straight into edit mode for the page from the Workflow listing if you do not wish to compare revisions.

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