Preparing Courses in Banner

In order for courses to be effectively updated from a Banner export, the following sections need to be clearly delineated in Banner. Ideally, each category would be indicated on a separate line at the beginning and/or end of the course description in banner.

Courses to be referenced as lookup links in the course description, requirements or pre-requisites in the catalog should be referenced with the 4 character subject, the course # and, optionally, section. Example: BIOL 2101K

Banner Import Example:


Credit Hour(s): 3.0

Management of Real Estate Assets. Prerequisite: RE 3010. CSP: 1, 7. Requires a 2.5 GSU GPA and 45 semester hours. This course provides the basic knowledge and skills in the area of management of real property. Factors affecting cash flows are examined as well as the impact of human behavior on the acquisition, holding, and disposition of properties. Topics may include property management, planning/control and marketing techniques, electronic database management and analysis, real estate brokerage and asset management techniques, negotiation, and e-commerce aspects of real estate asset management.

·         The first sentence of the description is parsed into the Course Title.

·         Sentences beginning with the following will be parsed into the corresponding sections for the course description in the catalog:

o   Prerequisite (s is optional): Indicates any pre-requisites for taking a course.

o   Corequisite (s is optional): Indicates any pre-requisites for taking a course.

o   Requires Indicates any special requirements separate from prerequisites.

o   Lab Fees: Indicates any fees associated with a course.

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