How do I include a page or post in another page or post?

How to activate the RPS Include plugin

If you are interested in creating small bits of information and embedding them into other pages or posts you can do so with RPS-Include.  This plugin is actives network wide by default. 

How does the RPS Include Content shortcode work?

The basic syntax of the shortcode is [rps-include blog=# post=#]. You do not need to specify the blog ID if you are not in a multisite environment.

What other shortcode attributes can be used?

  • title - Use a boolean (true/false) to specify whether to display the title of the source content on the target post/pages. The default is 'false'.
  • titletag - Use h1 through h6 to define the tag to wrap around the title. The default is 'h2'.
  • content - Specify whether to use the included post's content or excerpt. The default is 'content'.

So what if I want to show the title of the source content (blog 2, post 500) wrapped in a h3?

You would use the shortcode like so: [rps-include blog=2 post=500 title=true titletag=h3]

How can I find the blog and post IDs?

To easily obtain the blog ID and post ID, install the free RPS Blog Info plugin (already activated in your site), which places that information (and much more) on your WordPress 3.3 Toolbar. If you are including information from another site you can request the Blog ID from the administrator or contributor of the other WordPress site.

Can I include pages or posts that already have includes within them?

Yes. RPS Include Content supports "nested" includes. In addition, it protects you by preventing infinite loops and duplicate calls to the same content.

What happens if I include a post that does not exist?

If you are logged in, you will see an error message appear in place of the shortcode when viewing the public site. Users that are not logged in, or do not have post/page editing permissions will not see the error message.

What if the included post is protected by a password?

The included post title will appear followed by the password form, just like the default WordPress behavior.

How do I easily access the source content to edit it?

The best way is to view the page on the public site while logged in. Each piece of source content will be marked with an "i" symbol and a vertical line appearing in theright margin. Hovering over the included content will display "View" and "Edit" buttons. Clicking Edit will take you to the source post/page.

What if I don't want the source content to be displayed on its own?

All you would need to do is to set the source post/page publish status to "Private". The content will still show where it is included on other posts/pages.

Is it possible to include content into different web sites?

You can include content across different Web sites as long as they are in the same network. A multisite network is a collection of sites that all share the same WordPress installation.

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